Target groups

  • Students of health colleges in governmental and private universities and colleges.
  • Health practitioners in governmental and private health institutions.
  • Governmental and private health institutions.
  • Public and private higher education institutions.
  • Ministries and agencies concerned with health practice.
  • Higher education institutions in western countries.
  • International training and health rehabilitation centers.
  • Professional societies in all local and international health specialties.
  • Libraries and publishing houses at the regional and international level.
  • Research centers and bodies at the local and international level.
  • Faculty members in health specialties are distinguished competencies locally and internationally.

First: Programs and training courses specialized in preparing health college students and recent graduates to enter and compete in the labor market:

Second: Programs and training courses specialized in developing the skills of health practitioners to enable them to perform their practical duties perfectly:

Third: Training programs and courses specialized in developing managerial and leadership skills for workers in the health sector.

Academy projects

Courses preparing to pass the practice exams for health specialties:

  • Draft agreement with LECTURIO Corporation.
  • Draft agreement with KAPLAN.
  • SMLE exam preparation course.
  • SDLE exam preparation course.
  • SNLE exam preparation course.

On-the-job health training courses:

  • Eight courses were designed targeting the diagnostic radiologist, ranging from three to five days.
  • Various health training courses in cooperation with GE.
  • Training courses in cooperation with the General Administration of Training at the Ministry of Health.